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Live 8

Posted by Tim on Sunday, July 03, 2005 | Permalink

Although I was twelve at the time, I can't really remember much about Live Aid - but the Live 8 gig went pretty well. A good mix of artists, old and new, all performing well. The older bands proved they haven't lost it - particularly nice to see Pink Floyd all together again. They were slightly nervous to start with, but no-one can play a long, expressive guitar solo like Dave Gilmour (who now looks ancient). Roger Daltrey now looks like my dad, but can still scream out the vocals (and Pete Townshend still plays guitar like a madman). Paul McCartney looks better now he's dyed his hair (couldn't he have done the whole of Hey Jude rather than come straight in on the final sing-along bit?)

Trying to persuade governments - people with the power to make a difference - to do something is better than making ordinary people feel bad and give money. Charity on a large scale doesn't work - apparently the original Live Aid raised £150 million, which is nothing really. It'll be interesting to see what happens following the G8 summit.

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