Comments on Live 8

Yep, lets see... I have a feeling Messers Geldof and ....errr.... does Bono have a last name?.... are going to be somewhat disapointed, but I'm sure some lip service will be paid, but I doubt much will have changed by this time next year.

redfred 06.07.2005, 3:20pm

I don't know about Bono. What about The Edge - is he "Mr. The Edge" or "The Edge [whatever]" ...?

I think most people have a rather simplistic view of the problems in Africa (and other places) which is why just throwing money at them doesn't do very much.

Tim [home] 06.07.2005, 3:33pm

I prefer "pretencious arsehole" rather than Mr Edge.

Agreed, Charity has failed, thats why the emphasis for this concert is political. Not a bad idea, but will it work? attitude here was fairly apathetic with regard to Live 8. Bush wil not have to worry about much public outcry if he does not spend more money helping Africa

redfred 06.07.2005, 4:32pm

Joss Stone looked and sounded good, the rest of the music was nothing special I thought and the bullshit behind it reeks to high heaven. Time certain 'lovies' in the music industry got a grip on reality instead of looking for easy answers to complex questions.

Some One 18.09.2005, 1:38am

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