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On the eve of the U.S. elections

Posted by Tim on Monday, November 01, 2004 | Permalink

If I had my way, the next U.S. president would be a woman, black, gay if at all possible, and, most importantly, an atheist. Such a person could really help to make the world a better place. Unfortunately the next U.S. president is going to be either John Kerry or George W. Bush.

Not living in the states, I know very little about Kerry. Certain people have been making a big thing about his flip-flops, but I've yet to work out why his choice of footwear matters. Certain (other) people have been saying "anyone is better than Bush" - understandable, although it doesn't actually say much about Kerry himself.

I suppose you could say "at least Bush isn't Reagan" - if Reagan had have been president in September 2001 we'd now be in the middle of a nuclear war - but another four years in which the most powerful nation in the world is being run by a simple-minded republican is a worrying prospect.

Still, at least it will all be over soon. Just a few weeks while they sort out who actually did win.

Update 01/11/04
Apologies for the rambley-crapness of that post.
(If a full scale nuclear war had have broken out in 2001 I probably wouldn't be blogging about these matters now).
Personally I think Bush will win. Americans seem to be living in fear (of terrorism) right now, and they think that Bush is a "man of action" - a fact that he plays on in an attempt to secure votes.

Following the U.S. elections

Posted by Tim on Wednesday, November 03, 2004 | Permalink