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I'm not so sure that Bush will win, Kerry is at least a good deal more articlate, if not charismatic. They say there is going to be a huge turnout (more than 25%?) due to the early voting that has been introduced, large turnouts typically favour the Dems. should be fun to watch from the wings, I sure as hell am going to be posting on a lot of blogs if Bush loses.

RedFred [home] 01.11.2004, 7:35pm

But were're all going to have to put up with a lot of right-wing smugness if he wins ... Let's at least hope that it doesn't take so long to sort out this time.

Tim [home] 01.11.2004, 8:35pm

tell me about it, my wife and her entire family are republican, but it will be worth it if he loses! it's like being an Aresnal supporter working with a sea of Tottenham fans, sure if you lose you catch the shit big time but if you win, O the glory!... oh yeah your not a football fan! lol

RedFred [home] 01.11.2004, 8:48pm

sweet fancy moses, if Bush wins I ain't going near a right-wing blog for ooooh, 4 years or so. Can you imagine the smug factor on a place like Little Green Footballs? *shudder*

James [home] 01.11.2004, 8:51pm

hey if you lose you have to stand and take your medicine I'll make sure I do my rounds on the few sites I visit regularly. But it will be a whole lot more regularly if Kerry wins!!!

RedFred [home] 01.11.2004, 8:58pm

Redfred - it's interesting to get the perspective of a Brit-in-the-US. You're not actually a US citizen are you?
Married to a republican ... hell, how d'you cope?! (She's not a christian as well is she...)
BTW, I've added my comments to your comments on my previous posts (are you at a loose end or something?!?)

Tim [home] 01.11.2004, 10:44pm

No I am not a citizen, I have my green card which allows me to do everything but vote and stand for office. I have no real aspirations to run for office and don't mind being disenfranchised too much, and it allows me to complain about taxation without representation!

Yes my wife is Republican, and also a christian, however her convictions are not very solid so things don't get out of hand too often.

Oh and I have perhaps the most boring job in the entire world so I have to do something to keep sane, well saneish....

RedFred [home] 02.11.2004, 4:45pm

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