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Pomp and circumstance

Posted by Tim on Sunday, September 12, 2004 | Permalink

Although I've probably listened to and played more rock music in my time, I am, at least up to a point, a classically trained pianist. I like a lot of what is generally referred to as "classical" music.

I've enjoyed all the televised concerts in this year's BBC Proms season (which finished today). The Last Night of the Proms however always leaves me feeling a little, well, nauseous. All that jingoistic singing and flag waving ..... and I wouldn't exactly describe England as a "Land of hope and glory, mother to the free" anyway - any more than I'd say that America was a place where there was "liberty and justice for all". It's all just meaningless rhetorical bullshit.

The most irritating thing though is when the prommers start bobbing up and down in time to the music. They all look like a bunch of upper-class twats having an "absolutely splendid and jolly super time" and I have this overwhelming urge to go and slap 'em all.

Perhaps I'm being over sensitive or something?


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