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Almost wish I was gay

Posted by Tim on Monday, July 05, 2004 | Permalink

I've just been looking at coverage of the Gay Pride event in London last Saturday. I admire these people who stand up to the middle aged, middle class, conservative-voting bigots who are constantly going on about outlawing anything they don't consider to be "normal" behaviour. I almost wish I could have joined in (the event looked like a lot of fun!)

I myself am not gay, simply because I don't fancy blokes. I like women, with all their soft and curvy bits. However I cannot understand why some people are so "anti-gay". Why does it bother these people what other people get up to? Why do so many people want to stop other people doing what they want to do?

There is no justification for homophobia, just as there is no justification for racism. Yet it is still an issue for many people. The age of consent (in England) is sixteen for heterosexuals, eighteen for homosexuals - why? And then there's the whole "section 28" thing, where schools aren't allowed to "promote" homosexual lifestyles. Why not? People are what they are and straight people aren't suddenly going to decide to try homosexuality because someone has talked to them about different lifestyles (although what if they did? Whatever happened to personal choice?)

The tabloids always make a point of mentioning if someone is gay, when it's usually irrelevant (you never see headlines along the lines of "heterosexual Tim Sellers, 31, recently stated that .....").

If anyone can offer me a reason why it's "wrong to be gay" I'd be interested to hear it.
I wont accept:
It's disgusting (a matter of opinion)
It's un-natural (so what - most things ordinary people do in their ordinary lives are "un-natural")
It's not normal (again, so what? Aren't we all individuals?)
It's immoral (its amoral - i.e. morals have nothing to do with it)
It's sinful (only relevant if you're a bible quoting fanatic who believes in a mythical deity).


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