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Great post, Tim. I note that no one has anything to offer you in the way of homophobic rationale. There is no good reason for it.

It's like the whole gay marriage thing going on here in the US. I'm all for it. Someone told me they don't like it because they don't like to see it in their face. My reply was that 'gayness' will be in their face (tv, society, advertisement,etc) whether the gay people in question are married, or not - - so why not live and let live.

How un-conservative of me, eh?

Lisa [home] 07.07.2004, 4:17pm

Conservatism - a strange word with various meanings - and people are only conservative in degrees. I mean, acceptance of homosexuality isn't exactly "conservative" is it?

Tim [home] 7.07.2004, 7:06pm

I think acceptance of homosexuality is just they conservative, liberal..purple or green.

People are people - no matter what paintbrush they use to color themselves.

Acceptance of homosexuality is the absence of fear. Because, let's face it, homophobia is just fear masked as 'moral goodness'.

Lisa [home] 08.07.2004, 6:45am

I'm talking about literal conservatism. I'm literaly a liberal, but I don't support any "liberal" political party (they often seem to be more against freedom than the conservatives) - more on this to follow in another post.

Tim [home] 08.07.2004, 2:20pm

The Bible says that homosexuality is WRONG! The Holy Spook magically wrote the Bible by magically guiding the hands of the mostly anonymous authors, so we can KNOW that the Bible is TRUE and that whatever it says must be RIGHT because it says so! The world is flat, donkeys talk, people fly, and an Invisible Magically Undead Man lives in the Sky! We know that these things are TRUE because the Bible says so! Glory!

Seriously though, I very much look forward to the day when the vast majority of people in this world will form their opinions based on scientific evidence and facts rather than on religious ignorance and bigotry.

Brother Jeff [home] 29.07.2004, 9:56pm

Bravo Tim, can't find anything to pick holes in here, except donkeys can talk, they can fly too haven't you seen Shriek?

Redfred [home] 02.06.2005, 12:59pm


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