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Should organ donation consent be presumed?

Posted by Tim on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 | Permalink

I've already given my views on organ donation in my previous post entitled playing god, but the subject popped up again recently as the house of commons has rejected plans to change the law on organ donation (changes to the Human Tissue Bill would have meant organ donation after death was automatic, except in cases where people have previously chosen to opt out).

The comments to the BBC's Have your say on this article were predictable, with comments about butchering bodies, grave robbing etc.
Now I don't believe any government "owns" the people in a country, and I am always against any moves towards a totalitarian state.

But the people who's organs are to be used ..... are ... already ... dead!!!

Why would a family want to stop their dead relatives bodies being used to save the lives of other people (and it's not always to do with religion)? I bet they'd soon change their opinions on the subject if one of their own relatives was dying and in need of a transplant.

Still, that's the "general public" - bigoted, hypocritical and selfish.

UPDATE: Missed this comment, which says it all:
Perhaps those selfish individuals who register not to donate their organs, should be added to a list preventing them from ever receiving an organ should they need one. Fairs fair.
Kelly, Bristol, UK


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