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I'm a nurse and frequently work with patients and families who face this decision. I have to say, most of the patients make the right decision (that is, right as far as I am concerned) in deciding to donate any 'harvestable' organs.

For those who don't - - their reasons vary.

Some reasons are religous (some religons belive that the whole body must be entombed in order to gain enterance to heaven).

Some reasons are cultural (african americans, for example, who have faced amputation of a limb will opt to save the limb in order to have it buried with them - - because they came into this world whole...they will leave this world whole).

Some folks are just out and out scared of the idea of having their body sliced to pieces, because they cannot invision the concept of 'dead'.

Hell, I've donated my entire body in the event of my death. I plan on being cremated anyways - - so why not?

Lisa [home] 07.07.2004, 4:22pm

I'm with you on this one. Take whatever you want when I am dead, not like I'll even have an opinion left anyway! I happen to think that the preferential treatment of those who 'opt in' would be a good way to hammer home the absurdity of expecting others to donate should you need one but not being prepared to donate yourself. It actually is part of a wider issue of conflict between irrational beliefs and the reality of modern medicine and the science it springs from.

Some one 17.09.2005, 9:09pm

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