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Friday, August 04, 2006


Yep, this is the 275th post and the second to last. Ever. I've decided to go ahead and get my own domain name and put ALL my home education stuff on it. It will have my ebooks, montessori materials, unit studies, articles etc. It MAY have a blog but I'm not sure yet.

I will be leaving this blog here (but removing the Montessori stuff) because people may still want to read it and I'll post a message when the new site is ready (when Nik the web-guy get's round to setting it up grrr!)

If you're still interested to read about me and my life, feel free to drop round to my general blog BUT, for those with sensitive dispositions, I'd give it a miss. I'm not going to make an apologies for what I write there and it is nothing like this blog (I tend NOT to be sugary-nice all the time lol!), I also, occasionally write about personal issues. It's up to you whether you read it or not but don't leave me snotty messages if you do and then don't agree with something I've put lol!

So, I shall say TTFN and extend an invitation to my new website-warming when it's decorated n looking nice :)

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