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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Ok, I'm sure only utter crazies like me are already starting to think about "getting back to work" (ie homeschool work) but I always think a little forward planning is a good idea - just makes the transition from holiday mode to work mode a little easier!

I've been busy planning what I want us to achieve in January and one of the things we will be doing is a lapbook about the Ancient Romans. In the course of preparing bits and pieces for this lapbook, I've also made some Montessori type materials to go with it, to help Rosie learn various Roman facts. I'm starting to build up such a large collection of homemade materials now that I thought it would be nice to share them with whoever else wants to use them!

So, in keeping with this month's Roman theme are:

1) A set of Roman numeral cards
2) A set of Roman monument cards
3) A set of Roman road cards (these were drawn by me and show a cross-section of a roman road)

With all of these cards the idea is to print them onto to stiff paper (or mount them on card after printing), laminate if you like and then cut out the 2 sets. The first set will have the labels attached and the second set will have the labels removed to allow the child to match the correct label to the correct picture. To start with the child uses the set with the attached labels as a guide before eventually progressing on to matching up the pictures/lables without looking at the guide set.

The Roman road cards also contain a brief information sheet detailing how the Romans built road and what materials they used for each layer.

Ok! Here are the files - feel free to help yourself if you want to use them :)




Ok, back to being lazy lol!

EDIT: I just had a thought - for those of you who have not used this sort of material before and have no idea what I'm on about, here are a couple of pics to show what the cards should look like when assembled - this is the Roman roads set.

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