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Defending Auntie

Posted by Tim on Sunday, July 24, 2005 | Permalink

Recently - especially since the London bombings - I've noticed that many people writing on blogs and message boards are accusing the BBC of a left-wing bias. One commenter on the BBC's have your say (on BBC policies) seems to thing that they "have the same editorial slant as The Guardian". I've even heard one person say that the BBC actually supports terrorism because it uses the factual term "bombers" rather than the more tabloid-esque "evil terrorists".

It's complete bullshit though. The BBC - at least more so than any other organistation - report the news. No opinions, just fact - which is how the news should be reported.

"The right" (apologies for generalisations here) seem to have the opinion that if you're not with them you're against them. If the news doesn't come with a heavy dollop of right wing, patriotic opinion then it automatically has a left wing bias.

The Beeb is often accused of dumbing down, and this is exactly what they would be doing if they reported the news in the style of the tabloids where every story is full of trite statements and bigoted opinions (I don't need to be told by someone less intelligent than myself that terrorists are evil. I especially don't need the word evil to be in bold type, just in case I miss it. If the people who write this sort of crap spoke how they wrote they would have to shout virtually every other word. "Sforzando speech" I call it).

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