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Death penalty for burglars?

Posted by Tim on Friday, January 14, 2005 | Permalink

The law on the amount of force householders can use against intruders will not be changed, according to the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke [BBC News story].

Many of the comments in the BBC's have your say on the subject make me wonder what type of society we live in. I even recall one of the tabloids recently stating that we should have the right to kill burglars!

The courts aren't allowed to sentence a burglar to death - and anyway, does someone trying to nick your T.V. deserve to die? Ok, if they attack you you need to be able to defend yourself, but I think all these people going on about tackling burglars are talking bullshit anyway. I'm sure that most people, if they woke up and thought an intruder was downstairs, would crap themselves and hide under the duvet.

(Incidentally, what is it that makes people believe that a duvet is adequate protection against being attacked ...)


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