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Part of me wants to break down barriers, set people free and make the world a better place. A bigger part of me wants to sit on the sofa, drink tea and play through old Nintendo games.

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25/08/08 : Going away - and having to come back

Sarah says that, however much she's enjoyed a holiday, it's a nice feeling to get home at the end. I, however, would prefer to stay on holiday instead of returning to chores and the horror of having to get up in the morning for work and stuff.

To make things worse, we returned to rather crappy weather, making it feel like summer is over and it'll soon be time to go back to school (I left school in 1989 but that feeling never quite goes away).

It's also one of those things where Old Father Time is a complete git. The family (parents, siblings, associated spouses and offspring) decided it would be nice to go back to Jersey (we first went in 2001) about two years ago. Much planning and waiting followed, then we go and a week later we're back home and it's all over.

Still, it was a nice break. Sarah has some pics and stuff here, I might post some myself later.

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