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Part of me wants to break down barriers, set people free and make the world a better place. A bigger part of me wants to sit on the sofa, drink tea and play through old Nintendo games.

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16/06/2008 : Vagabond Kiss

I came across an old photo album whilst sorting out a cupboard recently. Behold: Vagabond Kiss in early 1996.

Vagabond Kiss 1996
(click for bigger)

People still occasionally get to my sites by googling Vagabond Kiss, which always surprises me as we only had local success, split up shortly after the above photo was taken and weren't actually that good.

I'm in the middle, to the left is Johnny (one of three bass players we got through) and to the right is Andy (one of about ten drummers). Gav, now my brother-in-law is at the back and at the front is Jim, the lead singer.

Looking back I think we were actually better when we started out a couple of years earlier. We still had the big choruses but a more unique sound - big chunky guitar chords, tinkley piano, funky bass (from a guy called Luke, not pictured below for some reason I can't remember) and ultra-tight drumming from Jim, who sang lead vocals from behind the drum kit. I can understand why he wanted to get another drummer and be at the front, but none of the other drummers we had were a patch on him.

It was Jim that led us towards the more "80s hair rock" sound we had when photographed above. He was a weird guy really, the sort of person who would be your bestest mate until you disagreed with him over something, which he would take personally as if you have done whatever it was just to piss him off. Totally self-centred and misanthropic (I seem to attract such people) but a pretty good singer and songwriter, and the best rock drummer I've known.

Vagabond Kiss 1994
(click for bigger)

UPDATE : Just googled the band myself and found out that some of the former members have "reformed" the band with a female lead singer . . . I wonder if they're doing the same kind of stuff as before or whether they just couldn't be bothered to think of a new name? Seems a bit odd to me.

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Hi Tim, The band is a 2008 reformed version of V.K. If you remember I asked you some time ago if you would consider reforming, I also asked Jim and you both declined. Its been a dream of mine for years to get the band going again so it certainly wasnt anything to do with "being bothered to come up with a new name". It would still be awesome to get you back in if you have the time?! Hope you and me sis are well.
Gav, 02.07.2008, 7:05pm #
Do you mind if we use your pics on our website? We need some with you in and these seem to be the only ones.
Gav, 02.07.2008, 7:13pm #
Reformed version ... with a female lead singer, no keyboards and a "whole new sound" ..?
Thanks for the offer but I don't really have the time - or the inclination to be honest, it seems a bit too much like going over old ground to me.
Good luck though, and remember to credit me if you play anything I wrote!
Help yourself to the pics. I think I've got some more of the early ones, will have a look.
Tim, 02.07.2008, 10:38pm #
We do play some of the old stuff and I will talk to Andy about having A bit on the website dedicated to the original V.K. All of us will be credited there, after all we were an awesome band. I recently learned we had a possible contract back then and Jim took it on himself to proceed without us and screwed the whole deal. I knew nothing about it at the time LOL. Unfortunately for me the new V.K. is a little to different sounding for my liking but still sounding good and its great to be playing the old numbers again. I dont see it as going over old ground, more like re-living what was the best days of my life.

Take care.
Gav, 03.07.2008, 2:57pm #
Hi again, hope you are all well? Just thought i would spread my good news. Nothing to do with Vagabond kiss but this is the only way i can contact you now. on the 10/09/08 at 11 oclock Sarah and James gained a nephew, linzi gave birth to my son :) A healthy 8.10lbs and just perfect. I felt i should let you know as its been 2 days and i have none of my own family around to tell personally, Its kinda sad but my new family is off to an amazing start. I did my best with mother but at the end of the day, she was just too self centered even for me to put up with, I moved out on one evening after she called linzi a bitch in a moment of stupidity. She will never meet her grandson as long as i breathe.

Anyways, thats about it for now, I'll let know if anything exciting happens :) Linzi wants to meet you all :s not sure how that would work but who knows.
Love to you from us.
gav, 12.09.2008, 2:56pm #
Congratulations :) Hope you'll all be very happy. We know you'd moved out - we got a stupid letter from her (which was disposed of and ignored).

"She will never meet her grandson as long as i breathe" ... Do me a favour yeah? Stick to that won't you. Removing my children and myself from her life was the most sensible thing I ever did.

Good luck n all xx
Sarah, 12.09.2008, 3:11pm #
what aload bollocks you boys are so fuck'n up your own ego fuck'n
assholes it's so untrue
but hey ho good luck trying to brake the LOCAL scene. KIND REGARDS EX-DRUMMER NOW DRUM TEC FOR MIKE PORTNOY FUCK YOU LOT
Andy, 11.04.2009, 7:46pm #
Hi Andy, not really sure what your going on about, bad day? We were a good band and had some fun times, am I wrong? Buy the way I'm so not up my own asshole think it was jim that was, never had a problem with you, so what's with the atitude? You were a good drummer how come your only a drum tech now? Anyway hope your well n stuff.
Gav, 11.04.2009, 8:08pm #
'scuse me for butting in to my own blog, but, um, WTF?
Tim, 11.04.2009, 8:35pm #
Um yeah, it's a suprise to me too.
Gav, 11.04.2009, 8:40pm #
Me and the lads used to watch you guys all the time at the local pub in Winton.Outside where a shit load of girls,inside was a packed group of people enjoying great beer,and fantastic music from you lot.(Always ending the gig with your version of "4 Non Blondes" and "Whats up?")I remember them as the best times too,and I also remember Jim...
I used to take the girl friend too,now been married 18 years,and still talk of those days...
Shit I`m getin` old!
Eric, 06.11.2010, 7:14pm #
Can Gav play.......or can Gav play?
Eric, 06.11.2010, 7:17pm #
They were great times despite what some might say. Its nice to know we are still remembered and that im not the only one who thinks about it.

Funny enough I was talking to Andy (Bass) today about creating a new band (since the vagabond reform was a bit of a train wreck lol). Not sure how many people would want to see a band doing 80's rock covers but I guess it would be fun.

Thanks for the personal comment Eric :) Oh happy days...
Gav, 06.11.2010, 8:18pm #

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