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29/04/06 : Before the first post ...

So . . . I do the sidebar. Set it to float:left so that the main area with the actual posts wraps neatly around it. Write a test post, publish. Discover that the main area gets forced below the sidebar. Check the template. Browser specific CSS positioning problems? Can't see any. Make a few alterations. Republish. Discover that the main area gets forced below the sidebar. Get cross. View source of published page. Discover that blogger has wrapped each post in a <div style="clear: both;"> tag. Did I ask them to do this? No! Is it part of the template where I can remove it? NO!

So . . . I re-write the template with absolutely positioned div tags (which needs adjusting about five times as different browsers render it slightly differently). Stuck with a big left margin for the main area once you get below the sidebar, but it'll do.

div style="clear: both;" I tell you! Bastards!

UPDATE (a little later)

Discover the option "Enable float alignment" on the formatting page. Turn it off.

So . . . I rewrite template so it's how it was to start with . . .

Posted by Tim at 22:39 [ permalink ]
Categories: Blogging, webstuff, programming
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