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Archive : June 2007


13/06/07 : They're on a roll

I write this blog for my own benefit, so I'm not trying to be a link-whore or anything by having a blogroll - I just thought, well, why not? So, added to the sidebar is a list of just a few of the sites I regularly read. Explanations below.

timsellers.net (that'll be me)

sarahsellers.co.uk (that'll be the missus)

Religion is bullshit - also me, although the blog is mainly written by Ben as I usually can't be bothered and he does a better job anyway. The tagline sums it up: "articles and opinions on the absurdity and danger of religious beliefs".

The BBC - great website from the most trustworthy media source around (defended by me here and here)

Guardian Unlimited - not perfect, but one of the few newspapers that seems relevant to a thirty-something liberal like me (CiF is particularly interesting)

Wikipedia - we want ... information ... at the very least this is a good place to start if you're researching stuff

b3ta - known for its photoshop competitions but lots of other fun stuff too (for those with a slightly warped sense of humour anyway)

Bloggerheads - UK political blogging at its best

Scaryduck - local guy, writes about, well, "stuff" really. Read, laugh.

Pub Philosopher - English sociopolitical (is that a genuine word?) blogger, always an interesting read.

Insignificant thoughts - culture, politics and techno-geeky stuff from this New York blogger. I generally disagree with his views (although he sometimes surprises me, and he's less conservative than he used to be) but he's genuine, honest and able to admit when he's got it wrong (and that's pretty rare).

Just a girl in the world - several years ago I clicked on a link to this site expecting ... something else ... I was a little disappointed that the "something else" was only in the background but I stuck around anyway as she was strangely interesting.

A slice of cherry pie - great food blog, nicely presented (but my chicken and broccoli pasta bake is better than hers).

The Sharpener - interesting group blog (I can't be bothered to link to them individually)

Green house by the sea - Sarah deals with most of the homeschooling malarkey, but this is a homeschool blog I make a point of reading regularly

Stupid Evil Bastard - a slightly odd American who I actually do tend to agree with!

Stairway to hell - all things BBC Micro

CSSplay - astounding css-only menus and layouts

A nice cup of tea and a sit down - Mmmm, nice

I'm sure I'll add more as time goes on.

More political stuff, one I should have added earlier, one just discovered, both well written -
Ministry of truth
Webcomics -
Jesus and Mo - features Mr. Christ and Mohammed in a sort of Eric-and-Ernie scenario (sometimes platonically in bed together)
xkcd - slightly odd stick figure webcomic from a physics graduate

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10/06/07 : She tagged me

I appear to have been tagged. Apparently I'm supposed to list eight habits or facts about myself before asking eight other people to do the same.

I'm not going to ask anyone else to do it as hardly anyone I know reads this blog. As for the facts and habits, well, I don't have many habits that don't come under the OCD banner, and I've already written a fair few facts about myself here. Still, as I don't have anything else to do at this exact moment in time, here goes:

1.  I fidget a lot. Apparently people who do this stay thin, which is great because ...

2.  I have to eat at least one piece of cake a day. I just don't know what would happen if I didn't, and I don't intend to find out.

3.  Some people play air guitar, I play air drums. Accurately and sometimes quite flamboyantly (but not if anyone else is around).

4.  If nervous I find myself repeating sentences. When I was about 15 my maths class was filmed by the BBC for some schools programme. I made the mistake of answering a question. Suddenly the camera was moved onto me and the director asked the teacher to repeat the question so I could be properly filmed giving my answer. The question was repeated. I gave the same answer which, strangely, was "the petrol". My teacher, the git, then decided to continue with further questioning, resulting in me giving further answers of "err ... the petrol ..." several times whilst my classmates tried not to piss themselves and I grew increasingly more embarrassed (fortunately they edited my additional answers out).

5.  On another occasion, several years later, I repeated the sentence "Misty up here init?" several times whilst almost being buggered by several men in the woods. This fascinating story probably requires a post of its own.

6.  I nearly always wear black.

7.  I like old fashioned text based adventure games. Incase you have no idea what I'm on about, here is a version of the first game of this sort which you can download:
Colossal Cave Adventure (77.8KB - just unzip and run the "adv.bat" file).

8.  I can be very shy in certain situations, which is odd because I have no problem performing on stage in front of hundreds of people.

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05/06/07 : Sarah

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Nine years - which these days is probably quite impressive!

We've both been married before - her to a jealous, possessive, violent alcoholic; me to the moodiest and second-most self-centred person in the known universe - so it's hardly surprising that neither marriage lasted. I actually remember on my first wedding day pushing away the feelings of doubt with the thought "oh well, if it doesn't work out we can always get divorced in ten years time" (it turned out to be less than three).

With me and Sarah though things are very different. Basically, we just sort of "gel". I can't imagine us not being together, and there's certainly never been anyone else I've wanted to reproduce with. And nothing has diminished over the years. She's still got the same "sunny" personality that she had when we first met, and she's still a babe (cute and girly, slightly hippyish, innocent looking but with a look in the eye that gives just a glimpse of the solid core of wanton filth inside).

There's nothing else I need to say - I'm not going to make my readers feel ill by getting all slushy, so I'll just end with a picture.


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