Comments on Sex sells, apparently

well if a "meat" pie is sexy, imagine what you can do with a Rollmop? or dare I say it mushy peas and liquor?

RedFred [home] 28.04.2005, 2:54pm

Stop right there! Too many unpleasant mental images ...

Tim [home] 28.04.2005, 4:42pm

I'll have a battered sausage please. ;)

Sarah [home] 01.05.2005, 11:06am

I'm sorry, we don't serve your kind here. This is a respectable establishment.

Tim [home] 01.05.2005, 5:24pm

What? with mucky meat pies and rollmops! I find that hard to believe hehehe!

Sarah [home] 01.05.2005, 6:47pm

Funnily enough I came across the same set of ads all over various local take-outs and found it equally hilarious. I have yet to see anyone even buy one of their products in the 15 or so years I have been frequenting take-outs, too.

Some One 18.09.2005, 1:24am

I've eaten a few, they're not that bad on the rare occasions they are cooked properly (rather than being bunged in a microwave).
But I don't think eating one has ever made me more attractive ...

Tim [home] 29.09.2005, 2:18pm

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