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Hey while we are on the subject, there is a question that I have been wanting to ask a fellow Brit....

While I was growing up "Crap" was considered rather more offencive than "Shit", however over here in the US the reverse is true, The whole thing is rather irrelivent, but am I wrong in my impression about the word usage in the UK.

RedFred [home] 01.11.2004, 9:35pm

"Shit" seems to be a stronger word than "crap" to me - although I've no idea why!

Tim [home] 01.11.2004, 9:45pm

Oh well that blew that theory out of the window! Could be the basis of some on line poll.

It is wierd to me because they can say crap on the radio here but not shit, which shows you how fucked up that is. I mean honestly how can you be offended by one but not the other, it makes no sence.

Redfred [home] 02.11.2004, 3:28pm

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