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I don't understand why otherwise rational and intelligent people don't see what is wrong with useing quotes from the bible to legitmize the existance of god. God exists because this guy said ths guy said gold told him it was so.

Good ole Jerry Springer, not ALL americans are like that thanks goodness. Jerry lives just down the road from here, my Daughter met him the other day in the mall, nice guy.

RedFred [home] 27.01.2005, 5:07am

I missed the Jerry Springer thing, which was a shame - it looked most entertaining!

I don't know why seemingly intelligent people believe that the bible has any truth in it. Maybe they know something we don't (although they're not sharing)

Tim [home] 28.01.2005, 1:00pm

I haven't seen it either, but aparently that doesn't matter if you want to have an opinion on it.

RedFred [home] 28.01.2005, 3:36pm

I saw it, it was entertaining if somewhat smug every now and then. The bit that got everyone worked up - Jesus admitting to being a bit gay - was strange, like it had been tagged on just to be controversial. Still, the music was excellent and the Springer impression uncanny, but the best bit of the whole thing was easily the fact that it upset a whole bunch of sanctimonious God-botherers.

Ben [home] 28.01.2005, 10:52pm

I'm not likely to see it now - can't imagine the BBC showing it again. Still, if it "upset a whole bunch of sanctimonious God-botherers" that's got to be something!

Tim [home] 29.01.2005, 2:49pm

Surely it is obvious that religion is a human invention to control the masses. It has very little to do with God(if you believe). It along with science has managed to confuse us to the point of no return. If there is a life after death or everlasting life every indivual has to find it him/herself.

Marie [Email] 02.04.2005, 1:48pm

"Surely it is obvious that religion is a human invention to control the masses" - unfortunately not for most people.

Tim [home] 02.04.2005, 3:59pm

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