Comments on Strange nostalgia

Ugh! I hated the things. The portions were always too small for a growing lad. I was usually still hungry afterwards.

Steve [home] 14.10.2005, 9:24am

Well, I might be remembering them through beer tinted glasses ...

Tim [home] 14.10.2005, 10:26am

All I remember eating at one of your gatherings were pickled onions! Urrrggggh! I loathe pickled onions! Ho-hum just goes to show what one bevy too many can do to you. Pot Noodles are only edible in the early stages of pregnancy when one must consume many pots of the stuff - and send one's hubby out at silly times of the night to buy them ;) - and as for root beer ........ foul. God Tim what were you thinking? Still, I guess you DID weaned me off of mild cheese and marg sandwiches which, thinking back, were pretty revolting :(

Sarah [home] 16.10.2005, 10:45am

That's right. I mean, what's the point of mild cheese (or anything)? I can understand reduced fat foods, but reduced flavour seems a bit odd. Don't forget garlic either, I got you into that too. And curry (of the non-diarrhoea variety).

Tim [home] 17.10.2005, 1:03am

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