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Tim, your description of the big brother state is unrealistic and a classic example of what I object to when people rely evidence from a work of fiction, especially 1984, to justify a point of view in the real world. I appreciate that you were perhaps being satirical but still it emphasized my point nicely.

The ban was passed here in Florida in 2000, and I can remember arguing the case against the ban because I felt that it should be voluntary rather than compulsory and that commercial interests (rising popularity of non smoking bars) would effect the ban without criminalizing a perfectly legal action. Ironically some of the greatest opposition I encountered was from smokers (i.e. They supported the ban) never really understood their argument.

BTW, I do not smoke, nor have I ever.

Redfred [home] 22.11.2004, 6:56pm

I know it's not a realistic view (at least not at the moment) - that's partly the point I was making. The "nanny-state" - at least as I described it - is a good thing. The big brother state is something entirely more sinister.

I've never smoked (well, the odd one here and there, and occasionally something ... stronger) but I wouldn't want to stop other people smoking - in their own space. Away from me and my lungs.

As for 1984, well, I think a lot of people think they know a bit about it without having read it, and a lot of people who have read it have forgotten all the little things in it which seem to have been scarily prophetic (I'll dig some of them out for another post)

Tim [home] 23.11.2004, 12:05am

Obviously the title wasn't one of those prophetic things... My concern is that people are so worried about the big brother state they baulk at anything that possibly hints at it regardless of how benificial the measure might be.

Redfred [home] 23.11.2004, 11:33am

2084 perhaps?

Tim [home] 23.11.2004, 11:52am

I think it's as likely as t1000s being sent back in time to kill / eliminate John conner and his T800, also sent back in time bodyguard... ie not very likely at all

Redfred [home] 25.11.2004, 7:00am

Much of it happened at the time, the title by the way was 1948, it was about immediately post-war Britain and to an extent USA and 'freed' Europe too. He was forced to alter the title to a less controversial, 'far future' date in order to get it published at all. As for whether it will happen again, much already has, indeed once again we face the imposition of so called "Identity Cards" something which was removed a long time post-war when someone finally refused to be bullied by the machinery of the state they were an otherwise law-abiding subject (were not citizens then) of.

Some One 18.09.2005, 12:23am

As regards the smoking thing; I DO smoke, I DON'T see a problem with a ban in most public places. If I want to smoke in isolation or with other smokers, that is my business. It becomes the business of others when I inflict my smoke on them, causing them to inhale chemicals both parties know to be harmful but which only one enjoys inhaling. Scotland has no smoking in certain places, Ireland too and neither has suddenly fallen apart, had a revolt or even noticed a serious drop in pub trade. In fact, I hear they are selling more food than pre-ban.

Some One 18.09.2005, 12:26am

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