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It's one of those situations when you want to give pretty much everyone involved a smack round the back of the head, including the bloody sanctimonious tabloids.

Ben [home] 26.05.2005, 7:02pm

So many people needing a slap, so little time ..... if only they'd think about what they're saying rather than comming out with the same old cliches from the papers they read generally out of habit.

Tim [home] 26.05.2005, 9:31pm

I know, don't they realise we've got lives to lead and can't spend all our waking hours giving them a damn good thrashing? Selfish bastards.

Ben [home] 27.05.2005, 9:17pm

I wouldnt want my tax money going into their pocket. There diverting necessary funds from important places such as NHS or education. Think what could be bought with 31K such as improve hospital conditions, more nurses, better conditions etc.
Do you really want your money going into the hands of this council-house scum (dont deny it, most people like this are scum and dont deserve anything) so they can spend it on fags and alcohol.
I know its a cruel thing to say, but they shouldnt be having kids at that age anyway, its their own fault. They should have been forced into abortion,adoption or the mother should take responsibility and not the government.

Also no amount of sex education is gonna stop kids having sex, all it will do is make sure kids are more aware of sexual protection. Being told about it at an earlier age is just going to make younger kids aware of it sooner so begin experimenting at an earlier age.

Dodge 02.06.2005, 3:08pm

Bloody hell, first Sierra takes a sharp turn into anti-gay lunacy over at RiB, now Dodge seems to have been reading the Daily Mail!

Ben [home] 02.06.2005, 6:09pm

Hmmmmm... sad, certainly better sex ed and contraception information is needed, it is a little sanctamonious to say we shouldn't tell them about it but if they do get pregnant then their on their own! My own parents were under the misunderstanding that they couldn't get pregnant if my mother hadn't started mensturating, a little education may have made their early life a lot more paletable, not that I'm complaining!! but still. Kids that young are very open to suggestion telling them the facts and repercussions will have a profound effect on the vast majority of them The few who still go and get pregnant, well they were going to do that anyway.

RedFred [home] 02.06.2005, 7:20pm

Oooo.. forgot to have a dig at the tabloids.... people who form their opinion based on what is on the front page of the sun or any other publication are truely not worth the bother of argueing with.

RedFred [home] 02.06.2005, 7:22pm

dont worry i dont form my opinions from the front page of tabloids. I dont even read them, they have virtually no news in them, just topless women and celebrity crap that no one with any intellgience wants to read about. I read the bbc news website everyday.

You obviously havent seen or met any of these kids. There the same kids that hang around street corners drinking/smoking and shouting abuse making life a misery for people who walk past, the same kids that vadalise public property and attack people for kicks. Most of these kids grow up to be no-bodies. From my school all the people who were like this do absolutely nothing for a living. These kids need to learn to help themselves, instead of letting the government handle it for them. It serves them right if they want to sleep around at young ages and ruin their lives, but they should think about the consequences.

I see where your going with the sex education thing redfred, i didnt realise that either, but then again im not going to go sleep with a 12 yr old. Facts like this are not taught in schools, as i remember in high school all we had sex ed where our teacher taught us a bunch of crap, showed some pictures and then we all watched a cartoon about homosexuality. But the fact of the matter is, its not more education that is needed, it is better education. This can be done with more money going into schools which these kids are wasting.
Kids at a young age, if told about sex, will be curious and want to experiment. Educating them is not the right way to go about it.

Dodge 03.06.2005, 5:52pm

Dodge, this isn't really an argument I fancy having, but you're out of line saying that I've never seen or met any of these kids. You don't know anything about me, and whilst I can't be bothered to list my full working class credentials rest assured I live amongst these kids and run the gauntlet of chavs every time I pop down the off-license.

And the upshot of a policy based on the last sentence of your post will be kids learning about sex through other channels, but without the actual 'education' part.

Ben [home] 03.06.2005, 6:25pm

It's a very contentious issue. I would argue that education is an important factor. It should be more centred on contraception, but we still have to teach them. I disagree that if you teach them from an earlier age, they will have unprotected sex earlier. Interestingly, how many neds (or chavs, or yobs, or whatever you call them where you live) do you think read the Guardian, the Independent, or even the Times? If one of these people wants a newspaper, they will usually reach for a tabloid. I think it's a wider problem with society... Western society has broken too many taboos, and now very little is seen as shocking to us. I think that sensationalist journalism (ie the Sun, Daily Mail etc.) is, if not partly the cause, then certainly a symptom of it. Few people want to sit down and read an intellectual discussion or a detailed piece of journalism if a more shocking or even arousing paper is an alternative. We see this everywhere, in the Cult of the Celebrity, in the Big Brother craze, even in our obsessive following of the trial of Michael Jackson. Still, it's very difficult, as What Is To Be Done?

Latin_lover [Email] 03.06.2005, 10:27pm

Well said, Latin Lover. Nothing to add to what has already been said, really. Although I do still think we need to reform our welfare state.

Some One 18.09.2005, 1:32am

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