Comments on IT! WAS! A! JOKE!

Pity Hitler's rocket's didn't hit Brooker's family in WWII.

Ha ha. Wasn't that humor a scream?


There are quite reasonable laws against jokes about bombs and hijacking in airports. Joking about assassinating an American President is right up there.

And your food sucks.

aaron's rantblog [home] 28.10.2004, 9:06am

I reckon Tim's last paragraph pretty much sums up the response required to that comment.

James [home] 28.10.2004, 1:45pm

Actually I thought it was quite funny, but Americans in my experience don't have a sense of humour that�s why they are so obsessed by Benny Hill...

RedFred [home] 01.11.2004, 7:41pm

Bush & his voters are a greater threat to world peace than a barrelful of Bin Ladens
9/11 Karmageddon.

Bod 03.05.2005, 3:07pm

What the first commentator missed is that the Guardian comment was actually amusing, though only in a very dry and almost ironic way, whereas his comment just came across as neither funny nor even especially rational. Oh well, guess it kind of makes the Guardian's original point.

Some one 18.09.2005, 12:06am

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