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A lot of that 51%, fortunately, are not as bad as all that but there are a significant minority who are exactly as you describe (and some even worse) The rest of the people who voted for W are just regular folk that for some reason I have yet to figure out just like him. They don't see his shortcomings, they don't see his incompetence. I carry on trying to figure it out, but these right wingers are a curious bunch.

One thing I will concede is that the Bush campaign did a fantastic job, running circles around the Dems. They managed to make huge issues out of abortion and gay marriage, so much so that some religious types were virtually compelled to vote for Bush, they down played the war on terror, the lack of WMD hardly surfaced as an issue, but perhaps best of all they spun Kerry's Vietnam war record, so far that Kerry who volunteered and actually went and fought came off worse that their candidate who awoled into a liquor bottle from his draft dodging dads army post. You really have to take your hats of to the genus that came up with that one.

RedFred [home] 08.11.2004, 8:10pm

Obviously not all of the 51% who voted for Bush fit into that catagory - but a "significant minority" is a scary thought.
It's the christian fundamentalists that bother me the most - and I'd guess it was down to them that Bush won.
But looking to the future - Hilary for 2008? (It'll fulfil one of the hopes I mentioned in my earlier post on the eve of the U.S. elections!)

Tim [home] 09.11.2004, 10:03am

Maybe Hilary, but then who might she end up against? there is another Bush waiting in the wings

RedFred [home] 09.11.2004, 3:20pm

No, you're wrong on one thing, Tim. Only about 0.5% of that 51% of people are the greedy and rich, the rest are just plain stupid.

The campaigns were a joke. The entire election wasn't about the issues. Only here will you end up with a man who wins three debates in a row against our current president, yet still win because bullshit like the lies from "Swift-Boat Veterans for Truth" get swallowed by those whose opinions matter.

Don't hate America, hate Republicans. I know I do. They keep taking steps backward. The Patriot act totally fucks up our civil liberties. That Guantanamo Bay thing is bullshit. Under the Patriot Act, they can hold you in Guantanamo for an indefinite period of time with no trial. This completely goes against our sixth amendment. The Supreme Court recently deemed that the government is allowed to sift through e-mails for keywords, yet another breach of our privacy and civil liberties. If Ranquist dies in the next four years, things may be going backwards for another 50 years or so before we recover.

Anyways, point is, don't hate America, hate Republicans. They're the same people that (many of them, anyways) push for that "intelligent design" bullshit in schools. In Dover County PA they mandated its teaching. It didn't go too well though, they're being sued by the ACLU and many teachers simply refused to teach it, forcing administrators to come in.

coolspot 29.04.2005, 2:48am

That should read "yet our current president can still win" in the third line

coolspot 29.04.2005, 2:48am

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