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yes it does, Governments work on such a grand scale that figures like £12K and £17K and even £37M are really insignificant.

The Royals make the UK far in excess of £37M in tourism, as trade ambassadors and someone to bore the pants off visiting dignitries. God save the Queen.

RedFred [home] 06.07.2005, 3:26pm

No, 'The Royals' do no such thing and the figures that the £37M is based on can be disputed, even so, they don't cost a tremendous amount at the worst case scenario. The point is that they have no right of ownership, in light of reason, over huge tracts of land nor do they have the right to be kept very comfortably by the rest of the nation, many of whom are in situations such as claiming benefit, etc.

Some One 18.09.2005, 1:35am

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