Comments on Eight-month-old girl guns down men in dark glasses with KF7 Soviet

it was a 2 yr old but your point still stands don't get the dark glasses bit...

Ady 12.08.2004, 9:09pm

I don't remember the actual article, just other people's comments about it since.

Dark glasses ... go to one of the levels with security cameras (the bunker for example) and stand infront of one until the alarm goes off. Large amounts of guards with body armour and dual weapons will come and shoot the shit out of you - and they'll all be wearing dark glasses.

Tim [home] 14.08.2004, 6.05pm

Can we blame games with unrealistical sexual stereotypes (either buxom women who seem to have nothing better to do than bounce on the screen or else very talented but decidedly asexual women) for all the rapes, sexual assaults and other sex-related crimes, too?

Some one 17.09.2005, 10:06pm

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