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At some point I'll probably have something to say re: Santa - it's something that's often occured to me.

But for now, drunk and festive as I am, I'd just like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and all that jazz. Have a good 'un, Tim.

Ben [home] 25.12.2004, 1:16am


Tim [home] 25.12.2004, 12:40pm

There is nothing wrong with fairytails the bible is full of such tails that ultimatly have excelent morals and in themselves are not the problem with religion. The problem comes when people start beliveing in them in a literal sense and start trying to export this dillusion upon others. The tortoise and the hare is a great story but no one builds their life arround it or belives that they actually did have a race...

.... anyway as far as Christmas goes, I don't see the problem with Santa, unless you intend to build a religion based on the actual fact that he does live at the north pole.

Redfred [home] 27.12.2004, 12:17pm

Fair point, although many people do take it too far - when people say to their kids that they have to do such-and-such otherwise Santa wont bring them presents for example (similar to "don't do that or you'll go to hell!")

Tim [home] 27.12.2004, 2:12pm

yeah I guess, depends how you use it, I read a story about a dad who auctioned off his kids presents on ebay because they were naughty, I'm not sure that is the right thing to do...

Redfred [home] 28.12.2004, 11:39am

One thing I'm certain of with regards to the whole Santa idea is that once my kid got wind that it was fiction and doubted his existence, I wouldn't try and convince him/her otherwise to extend the "magic of childhood innocence". It never fails to piss me off when the tabloids decide to tar and feather some poor teacher whose only crime is to tell the truth.

Mind you, the odds of me having kids any time soon is miniscule, so I don't need to worry about it just yet!

Ben [home] 29.12.2004, 10:48pm

I think the whole Santa thing could remain a nice little magical fantasy without having to tell kids that it's all true.
It's almost like a religion (with the whole punishment and reward thing).

As for the tabloids, well, any sensational, over the top story to sell some papers to people who can't think for themselves.

Kids? You just need the right woman, and they sort of appear sometime after that really.

Tim [home] 31.12.2004, 9:06pm

Exactly. It's nice enough whilst the kids are willing to accept it - once the questions start, the truth is the only way to go.

Finding the right woman, eh? Interesting theory!

Ben [home] 01.01.2005, 3:04am

Kids just "sort of appear" do they my darling? What, like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn? I'll have to remember that when Rosie or April eventually ask "where do babies come from" Either that, or I'll leave you to explain the truth......hehehe!

Ben - I can't help wishing the "questions" about santa would start soon - the stress of creeping around on Christmas eve, delivering presents "from santa" and desperately hoping Rosie won't wake, is just tooooo much!

Sarah [home] 03.01.2005, 11:45am

I vowed I'd never tell any kids about Santa. I also vowed I'd never have kids, of course... 2/2 so far but kind of a pyrrhic victory I feel, somehow. ;-)

Some One 18.09.2005, 12:33am

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