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Plus the editor's a thug, campaign against domestic violence indeed...

Ben [home] 11.11.2005, 9:12pm

Hmm, I seem to have missed out the word "hypocritical" from that post. Damn!

Tim [home] 12.11.2005, 11:48am

Thank you for visting my blog


Rachel [home] 12.11.2005, 11:12pm

The Mail is more interesting than you allow and is several notches above the Sun. Consider these 3 things:

1. Stephen Lawrence Murder. It was the Mail taking the family's part against the police which got the ball rolling. Stephen's father was known by The Mail's editor.

2. Satanic Abuse. It was the Mail which debunked the phony American 'experts'and home-grown believers in the 1990s and forced a reliance on evidence. The Mail shelled out money as well as editorialising.

3. Most scathing critic of Blair. Mail columnist Peter Hitchens has called for Blair's impeachment and prosecution, cast doubts on all manner of official versions and fears for a police state in Britain. Far beyond and more profound than Galloway, by comparison.

Surprised? I was too. Worth checking out as any of these things tops almost all other newspaper campaigns I can think of. The paper and its readers are less predictable than I had presumed before actually reading a few copies at my ma-in-law's.

w.b. kelso [Email] 17.11.2005, 12:55am

Rachel - it was an interesting read. The assumtions made by the government and parts of the media bother me significantly (although I think it's more a case of wanting to make a point and not actually caring about the truth rather than assuming something).

W.B.Kelso - I take your points (although the critical attitude towards Blair is more childish than anything else). Perhaps the Mail bothers me because the writers (and readers) are older and should know better. The scare tactics and arguments from BEYOND the floodgates are irresponsible. Plus the views from "middle England" are generally contrary to my own opinions.

Tim [home] 17.11.2005, 4:32pm

Yeah, I've always had the impression that the Mail's anti-Blair attitude - and relatedly the anti-war attitude, because so much of Blair's reputation depended on it - was borne entirely out of a hatred of the man that beat the Tories and then kept them sidelined for so long. They're not performing the function of media-as-watchdog, just sticking the boot in as best they can to someone they despise. Peter Hitchens, especially, is an utter numptie on almost any other subject. Fair dos on the Stephen Lawrence case though.

Ben [home] 19.11.2005, 10:16pm

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