Comments on Civil partnerships for gay couples

"Basically, if you are against these partnerships, you are a bigot. Simple as that."

Fine. I'm a bigot. You're an asshole. Feel better now?

Found your page doing some research on Winston Smith. Won't bother to return.

In the immortal words of your countrymen, "Sod off, Swampy."

5thColumnCure 12.01.2006, 5:49pm

Why leave a comment if you're not going to return to see the response to it?

So, incase you're still here:

You admit to being a bigot, then accuse me of being an asshole ... what, for NOT being a bigot?!?

See me post entitled "Almost wish I was gay" and try to justify your homophobia there.

Tim [home] 12.01.2006, 10:48pm

Hi Tim I just stumbled across your blog. It's great to see a straight guy standing up for the rights of gay people. And against the bigots and religious fanatics that infest our world.
If you ever visit Toronto you, and other straight friends would be most welcome at our Gay Pride parade. And don't worry, like me, you wouldn't have to take off any of your clothes!

simon [home] 17.02.2006, 12:21am

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