Comments on Censorship (again)

"I personally would like to see much more in the media that upsets minority faiths like Islam or Buddhism."

Damn right. I wrote to the BBC today applauding the decision to show JSTO, and asking if there was any chance of getting Behzti broadcast next. Buggers didn't print it, mind you.

Actually, that's the first time I've sent any mail to any form of media. God, it's all downhill from here isn't it? I'll be sending irate letters to the Daily Mail within ten years.

Ben [home] 07.01.2005, 10:11pm

"Ban this sick filth!" is only a step away ...

Actually, It'd be quite amusing to write to some form of media about the bible (or any other religious text) with that statement!

Tim [home] 08.01.2005, 2:42pm

Just count your blessings that Dubya isn't in charge.... Things here are getting worse day by day.

RedFred [home] 11.01.2005, 5:38pm

Tim, there IS an article just like that someone on the Web, actually. Probably buried in the Landover Baptist archives, actually

Some one 18.09.2005, 12:39am

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