Comments on Bigoted views strung together with cliches

Christ, I take an axe to the Super Soaraway and Murdoch gets an extra 30p! Hope this doesn't happen every time I blog about it, the bastard's rich enough already.

James [home] 05.07.2004, 6:32pm

Sorry, but I'm not likely to do it again! I'm quite suprised by how embarassed I felt actually buying the thing (I did buy a Guardian at the same time to lessen the effect).

Tim [home] 05.07.2004, 10:19pm

have to confess to being an avid Sun reader, mostly I read it because I found it funny, and because it irritated me, I don't see the point of reading an opinion that agrees with me all the time. There is also an element of smug superiority I got from reading it, same thing I get from listening to the redneck radio shows I now pick up as I drive to work.

Redfred [home] 02.11.2004, 3:55pm

I found myself getting a little too annoyed to get any pleasure (via smug superiority). The Daily Mail annoys me more though - its written for an older audience who should know better.

Tim [home] 02.11.2004, 4:09pm

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