Comments on A kind of late Bah Humbug

I agree. I always anticipate the great mounds of appetizers and then feel disgusting and tired after eating them and wish I was in bed sleeping.

dayna [home] 31.12.2004, 9:25pm

The best thing to do is to find a convinient corner to sit in, sit there all night, eat loads, get pissed, and ignore everyone else.

Tim [home] 31.12.2004, 9:48pm

In keeping with the spirit of this post, I spent New Year's Eve with four friends, getting drunk in front of a procession of DVDs. Good films, friends I actually like, lots of beer - someone show how it can be better, and I'll show you a dirty fibber.

Ben [home] 01.01.2005, 2:55am

I spent New Year with the family playing balderdash and other silly games. My eldest wen off to another party at 10 and I spent the next 4 hours worrying about her. Apart from my anxietieswe had a great new year, The kids all stayed up late to watch the ball drop, which to me is a bit of a let down. I thiought it would come down with a huge thud, instead it rather lamely decended slowely during the 10,9,8,7... countdown and wait for it..... sparkled... Whoop. Nothing like the anticipation of waiting for Big Ben to strike that first DONG!

RedFred [home] 05.01.2005, 3:52pm

Pah! Getting drunk, angling for a shag and singing folk tunes with complete strangers. Course to me it is Hogmanay and a bigger deal that Xmas (which is of very little interest to me and which I have tended to spend in any non-traditional way I can find, including working - which turned out on research to be more traditional than I had hoped).

Some One 18.09.2005, 12:36am

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