Comments on Annoying, conclusion-jumping, judgemental little turds

Actually the Witnesses have predicted teh exact year of the end over 5 seperate times now...startng with 1918...whoops...

gaius claudius 12.11.2004, 4:49pm

Hmm, you'd think they'd have stopped trying by now ...

Tim [home] 13.11.2004, 10:01am

Shame you were not home, I would have liked to read about that encounter!

I hear you about the jumping to conclusions, living here in the 'deep south' I am often a victem of such assumptions (not that i'm pregnant!) Almost enough for me to keep that information to my self, but I just enjoy the controversy too much! sometimes they are shocked that I don't have horns.

RedFred [home] 15.11.2004, 7:03pm

I despise the JWs and I used to regularly browse sites that kept a "watch on the Watchtower". Like you, Tim, it especially bothers me that they drag the poor kids into it and attempt to pick on the emotionally vulnerable too.

Some One 18.09.2005, 12:16am

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