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Part of me wants to break down barriers, set people free and make the world a better place. A bigger part of me wants to sit on the sofa, drink tea and play through old Nintendo games.

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03/01/07 : Christmas, new year and all that

I make a point of not going anywhere on New Year's Eve. Go to any social gathering and you have to put up with people desperately, and in an over-the-top manner, trying to have a good time because they feel they should. It's all so fake. So, we stayed in with good food and drink and watched Jools on the telly.

Christmas this year went without any hitches, family arguments, murders and the like, which was nice. There was also a perfectly cooked dinner by me, perfectly made Christmas pudding from my mum, and a perfectly made Christmas cake by Sarah.

Presents (not including the boring but needed clothing items but including the stuff I got on my birthday a couple of weeks before) -

Books by James Herbert, Val McDermid, Douglas Adams and Richard Dawkins
CDs of Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Iron Maiden (musical schizophrenic, me)
DVDs - Tom and Jerry (best cartoons ever!), The Matrix trilogy and Buffy Season 6 (just one left to get).
Metroid Prime 2 (Gamecube - loved the first game, couldn't ever find this one, presumably Sarah got it from Ebay) ...
... and the thing that's been taking up most of my free time since ...
Twilight Princess (Gamecube - yes, I know it's also out on the Wii, but I haven't got one yet - and I'm not sure I'm ready for a "revolutionary control method", at least not for Zelda).

Anyway, if I had a new-years resolution it would be to post more often on this blog. But I don't bother making resolutions because, presumably like most people, I don't actually end up making much effort to keep them.

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Hey up (me duck), I didn't know you were still writing a personal blog. I can assure you the revolutionary control method works a treat for Zelda - the only thing I miss is extra camera control (you can centre behind you but not spin round, so you have to turn and centre to get a good look at something), and the bow and boomerang aiming is great.
Ben, 19.02.2007, 8:21pm #
Hi there old bean.
I think "still writing a personal blog" might be a bit of an exaggeration . . . I'll almost definitely get a Wii at some point, although I'm not sure whether it's worth getting Zelda for it (I think the only difference apart from the control method is that they are mirror versions of each other?)
Tim, 19.02.2007, 11:07pm #
yup, the Wii version is just a port of the Gamecube one, with different controls and some tarted up graphics. I hear via an ubernerd I know that the next Wii-specific Zelda is already in progress.
Ben, 20.02.2007, 5:16pm #

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