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Part of me wants to break down barriers, set people free and make the world a better place. A bigger part of me wants to sit on the sofa, drink tea and play through old Nintendo games.

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03/07/06 : A new post!

For the most part since the last time I posted, it's been hot and sunny - stupidly so over the past few days. The sort of weather that makes people moan about the heat (when it gets cooler the same people complain about the fact that summers are now crap and not as good as when they were young).

The summer may be all very nice and that, but it's not particularly interesting to write about.

In non-outdoor related activity, I've played through Super Mario Sunshine (great game, but the lack of variety means that you can only play it when it's sunny), Banjo-Kazooie (small but perfectly formed), Glover (even smaller but entertainingly weird), Conker's Bad Fur Day (the antidote to cute platformers) and am currently playing Metroid Prime again, which is perhaps the best game I've played (apart from the Zeldas anyway). I've also been watching Buffy Season 5 and am working my way through the Star Wars and Star Trek films. And I read Ben Elton's Dead Famous, which I got for Christmas about three years ago (the first novel I've read from the once brilliant Mr. Elton - and it's not bad) and have started re-reading Are You Experienced? by William Sutcliffe - possibly the funniest book I've read.

That's about it for now. If anything interesting happens, I'll be back ...

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