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Archive : July 2008


27/07/08 : Tim stands at the top of Hengistbury Head and turns around

Taken on a family walk today.

It's a little wobbly and there are a couple of jumps where I edited two clips together, but you get a nice view of the surrounding area; first looking over Southbourne beach, Bournemouth in the background, then round to the right across Christchurch harbour (you can just about see the Needles (Isle of Wight) 32 seconds in) and right back round to the beginning (just who are those people standing right in the way?)

More pics here.

Posted by Tim at 23:14 [ permalink ]
Categories: Family and general life
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22/07/2008 : Steal EVERYTHING!

This made me smile, although Mr. Rock is actually making a valid point about illegally downloading songs.

Stealing music is hardly new. When I was a kid I used to "tape" - i.e. record onto analogue tape cassettes - stuff from the radio, other people's tapes, CDs if I was lucky, even computer games before disc drives became less expensive. My parents never stopped me or pointed out that it was illegal (and immoral) - in fact I'm sure they did it themselves. As did pretty much everyone else. Yet if I had have walked into my local branch of HMV, picked up the latest hit album and walked out of the shop without paying, it would have somehow been a completely different thing.

In my ideal world however everything would be free. People would only need to work for the minimum amount of time it takes to get everything running (no need to over work to make a profit, no middlemen, pointless competition or corruption) and could just help themselves to whatever they needed. They'd have plenty of free time to make whatever music or art or whatever they wanted, free from the restraints of having to following trends to keep selling their material. There'd be no theft, greed would die out along with most of the other problems in society. Somehow I can't see my utopia becoming a reality.

Posted by Tim at 16:20 [ permalink ]
Categories: Humour, Music, Thoughts and rants
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18/07/2008 : Not been stabbed yet

It appears that Dorset has the lowest level of knife crime in the country [ BBC News article ] which means I can now sleep soundly in my bed at night. Unfortunately (and surprisingly) Hampshire fared rather less well in the report, and I live right on the Hampshire border. So, head too far along the good old A31 and I'm likely to be murdered to death by gangs of vicious knife wielding hoodies.

Ok, I'm sure that knife crime is a problem, particularly in some places, but the Daily Mail (who else) claiming that "no part of Britain is safe" is a bit over the top. All of the tabloids are full of scare stories, using figures for knife "incidents" but failing to point out that these figures include domestic accidents.

Still, don't forget to vote for [insert preferred political party here] because they're the people who will take "tough action". Let's just hope we don't all die from bird flu first.

Posted by Tim at 15:41 [ permalink ]
Categories: Thoughts and rants
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